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power by life Dalia Faitelson

” This Album is a dedication to the circle of life – an endless journey to comprehend the balance between birth and death, light and darkness, circumstance and destiny.

It comes across as a sort of stream-of-consciousness diary without any particular structure or rhyme, putting my unassuming jazzy croon at the center to evoke whatever's on my mind.

The album is a meeting point between chamber music, folk and jazz.”


All compositions and lyrics by Dalia Faitelson. All arrangements by Dalia Faitelson except the piano and cello solo part on “Covered In Bed”, arranged by Thomas Clausen.

powered by life Dalia Faitelson
powered by life band

Release year: 2018
Label: Losen Records (NO)

Recorded by Jørgen Bo Behrensdorff at Park Film Studio, Copenhage and by John Fomsgård at The Village, Copenhagen

Mixed by August Wanngren at Qui Music Studio, Copenhagen

Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering, Sweden



Dalia Faitelson: composer, guitar & vocal

Thomas Clausen: piano & keys

Soma Allpass: cello

Anders Provis: drums

Federik Damsgård: bass (tracks 1, 3, 5, 8)

Ayi Solomon: percussion (tracks 1, 7, 8)



1. My Inner Storage Room

2. Out of the Black

3. Covered Up In Bed

4. I Believe In

5. Cut Our Selves Some Slack

6. Make A Wish

7. Eye of the Dawn

8. Destiny Made a Mistake

Make A Wish - Dalia Faitelson
I Believe In - Dalia Faitelson
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