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spring alliance Dalia Faitelson

“This album marks an important change for me. I decided to concentrate on a more singer-song / folk/ jazzy tradition.
What a world class rhythm section! Adam and Jay play a lot together and I could really feel their bond. Christoffer blended naturally and creatively without any difficulties.
Having the opportunity to mix at Sear Sound Studio, NY, with the legendary James Farber as technician was unbelievably wonderful.

dalia faitelson band
dalia faitelson

Release year: 2007
Label: Calibrated (DK)

Recorded by Aage Tanggård at Audiophone Studio, Allerød.
Mixed by James Farber at Sear Sound Studio, NY.


Dalia Faitelson: guitars & vocal
Christoffer Møller: piano & keyboards
Jay Anderson: double bass
Adam Nussbaum: drums


1. The Hunter Walks Alone
2. You Keep Me Warm Now
3. I Take a Bite
4. Sanctuary
5. Timeless
6. Warm Current
7. My Words
8. Empty Or Full

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