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point of no return Dalia Faitelson

“This album is a continuation of the Global Sound project. The talented sax player Chris Cheek joined us instead of Jerry and Ayi gracefully took Manolo’s spot.
I’ve put more emphasis on the lyrics and vocal expression on this album. I was very sick while recording it and had to be operated on my vocal cords shortly after. Some say that the most powerful expression comes when we are in great pain. Anyway, my voice is rusty and reminds of Marianne Faithfull’s voice. First time that I get the honor to work with the legendary Jan Erik Konghaug from Rainbow Studio, Norway.
This is one of my favorite albums.”

“Point of No Return” was nominated for “Best Album of the Year”

Dalia Faitelson
Global Soundweb Dalia Faitelson

Release year: 2001
Label: Stunt Records (DK)

All compositions and arrangements by Dalia Faitelson

Recorded by Peter Iversen, Puk Studio, Denmark
Mixed by Jan Erik Konghaug, Rainbow Studio, Norway


Dalia Faitelson: guitars & vocal
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Chris Cheek: sax
Lelo Nika: accordion
Thommy Andersson: double bass
Adam Nussbaum: drums
Ayi Solomon: percussion


1. Wreck, Cracked, Crazy
2. Escape
3. Birds, Plains & Flying Papers
4. Is That 2 Much to Ask?
5. Point of No Return
6. Secrets
7. Enjoy
8. The Informer
9. Making Conversation

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