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“As The World Sleeps” was chosen by the Swedish magazine ROOTSY (Sweden) as one of the 15 best jazz releases worldwide, 2014.


“Dalia Faitelson doesn’t compromise and she is unpretentious. Her voice can not be ignored, her guitar is soft like velvet and her arrangements unfold beautifully.”
– Jazzman, France.


“Remember the name Dalia Faitelson – the start of something big.”
– Sundsvalls Tidning, Sweden.


“Grand arrangements beautifully underlining the strengths of the individual members and showing the handwriting of a songwriter and interpreter with a unique profile.”
– Kieler Nachrichten, Germany.


“The music is characterizes by an exceptional personal integrity.
Neither the lyrics, the music nor the presentation reveal anything but the necessary.”
– Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske Tidende, Denmark


“Dalia Faitelson has a rare strength of expression, a pronounced compositional talent, a flair for songwriting and a sense of putting together ensembles in an almost always superior interaction.“
– Ivan Rod, Gaffa, Denmark


“With a little dark, cat-like sneaking voice Dalia Faitelson creates an evocative, dramatically restrained mood.
She also creates more meditative moods, with wordless vocals and slow guitar picking while at the same time she explores folk music rhythms.”
– Magnus Eriksson, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden.


“The music is diverse and has its roots in popular music, ballads, jazz and various forms of folk music, but owns a highly personal touch.
A balanced musical journey where jazz is an ingredient in this mix.”
– Torsten Eckerman, Jazzlife, Sweden.


” Powered By Life” brings a kaleidoscopic whirl of emotions from bleakness to love and hope. Faitelson’s expressive singing conveys them all with the most tasteful kind of understatement.

In this case the main thing on her mind is a tragic loss, a major personal experience that shapes the recording without actually dragging it down. The themes may be weighty, but the performance is intimate as a cozy fireside chat. Individual instruments stick to shadings more than prominent heads, the uncluttered arrangements leave plenty of open space to drift, and the music manages to insistently find beauty alongside the sadness.

–  Geno Thackara, All About Jazz


” The brooding, original songs highlight the throaty, sensuous purr of Dalia Faitelson's singing voice, but her rhythm and lead guitar playing are also quite versatile and substantial throughout. Faitelson's talents extend even farther, in fact: she self-produces her records and writes the arrangements for her heavy-hitting band, comprised of Randy Brecker, Chris Cheek, Adam Nussbaum, Lelo Nika, Thommy Andersson and Ayi Solomon.

–   David R. Adler, All Music

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