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inner sky project Dalia Faitelson

This album was born in Corona time, isolated from the world outside and trying to make sense of it all.


“Inner Sky” - is that vast space of consciousness inside us.

In that space we process the unavoidable need for great change; individual and collective.

The Inner Sky Project aims to empower people to believe in themselves.

To inspire courage, and to dismantle fear.


I gained forces with the Israeli drummer and producer Shlomo Deshet. It’s the first time ever that I collaborated with a producer and added elements from electronic music. The direction of this album is different from my previous ones. I’m focused more on the mood and less on harmony.”

dalia faitelson
dalia faitelson

Release year: December 2022

Distribution: The Orchard


Dalia Faitelson: Composer & arranger

Shlomo Deshet: Music producer

Dalia Faitelson: vocals & guitars

Shlomo Deshet: drums, percussion & electronics


Guest musicians:

Dawda Jobarteh: kora (tracks 3 & 6)

Yonnie Dror: fluets (tracks 2, 4 & 5)

Gil Zohar: keyboards (tracks 4, 5 & 7)

Arie Volinez: bass (track 2 & 5)

Jael Nordbek Azulay: b. vocals (tracks 6 & 7)


1. My Moment Has Come

2. Everything That Matters

3. The Wonder of Water

4. Rising & Sinking

5. While the World Stands Still

6. Breaking the Gates of Doubt

7. Searching People’s Hearts

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