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rising spirits Dalia Faitelson

“My second album release. This time a bit more experienced and relaxed.

I had the great honor to have Jerry Bergonzi joining us in the studio. He contributed a total new sound. I believe that some of my best compositions are presented on this album.”

Release year: 1997
Label: Stunt Records (DK)

All compositions and arrangements by Dalia Faitelson


Recorded & mixed by Bjarne Hansen at Sun Studios, Copenhagen

Dalia Faitelson
Dalia Faitelson

Dalia Faitelson: guitar & vocal
Jerry Bergonzi: sax
Lelo Nika: accordion
Niels Uhlbrand: piano & keyboards
Susi Hyldgaard: vocal (track 1 & 4)
Thommy Andersson: double bass
Magnus Östrand: drums
Lisbeth Diers: percussion


1. Look Inside
2. Tomorrow Tomorrow
3. On Rising Spirits
4. Voices Forgotten
5. Open Passage
6. Cats & Frogs
7. The True, The Good & the beautiful
8. Dreams In Black & White

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