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as the world sleeps Dalia Faitelson

“A compositional concept created in the still depth of night as streets empty and dreams are born. This acoustic mix provides a powerful and introspective sound.

I had the great pleasure to use the Serbian Tajj String Quartet. Thommy composed all the string arrangements and lifted the album to a higher level.

This album is a junction in time, where Joni Mitchell encounters Tom Waits, and they conspire to create a kinky jazz salute to Marlene Dietrich.”


“As the World Sleeps”” was nominated for a Danish Jazz Award as “Best Vocal Album of the Year.”

dalia faitelson
Dalia Faitelson

Release year: 2014 (digital only)


All compositions and arrangements by Dalia Faitelson except all string arrangements by Thommy Andersson

Recorded by Thommy Andersson & Dalia Faitelson at Diamond Studio, Copenhagen
String recording by Darko Varga, Novi Sad, Serbia
Mixed & mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug, Rainbow Studio, Norway


Dalia Faitelson: guitar & vocal
Thommy Andersson: bass & string arrangements
Tajj String Quartet
Lisbeth Diers: percussion

Guest musicians:
Tahir Dalager (Tatrix): human beat-box (tracks 5, 8)
Gunnar Halle: trumpet (tracks 7, 9)
Dawda Jobarteh: kora (track 4)
Anders Banke: bass clarinet, flute & baritone sax (track 4)
Ayi Solomon: percussion (track 4)



1. The Faithfull Night & I

2. A View of a Man

3. Speculations

4. Dance it Right

5. No Regrets

6. Scars of Silence

7. Forsaken Destiny

8. Round the World

9. Secretive Soul

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